A closer look at my 2014


This post serves to better explain the above poster I made hanging in my room, point by point. Check my about page for an overview about this blog and my general plan.

Productivity: efficient and reliable

This is what I want to be: efficient, reliable and thorough.

  • Planning each day the night before: I read a lot about to-do lists and productivity. One of the tips I found is to plan your next work day so that when you get into work in the morning, you already have a list of things to do. I spend so much time jumping from task to task as I remember them, and it is so much easier to have a clear list in front of me to keep me focused.
  • Do hardest task first: This is another good tip I found. Starting your day when you’re most fresh with the scariest hardest task means the rest of your day will be freer from that anxiety. I’d rather have it done than know I have to do it.
  • Monthly projects: Every month, there will be a particular project that I map out using Tom’s planner (see about page) to map out and schedule the tasks for that project. I decided to do this because there’s a million things I want to do, but to make them all New Year’s resolutions was impractical. One goal a month = doable, especially if well planned.

Positivity: train your brain.

  • Eliminate negative speech: Negativity is a pet peeve of mine. It drives me crazy that the world is often so quick to proclaim hate over love. “Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.” Granted, I am not without my negative speech, so I am going to try to pull back on this so I can practice what I preach. This could mean anything from simply shutting up or turning a negative into a positive one.
  • Pause before speaking: I have a problem, a big mouth problem. I cannot shut up. When a secret needs to be kept, I am reliable, but sometimes I talk and then think, that wasn’t nice or necessary.

Living fully: get the most out of each moment

With very free weekends, it’s easy for me to spend all day on my bed playing candy crush, then getting under the covers and going to sleep with Friends reruns. Friends reruns stay, that’s my me time, but Candy Crush should be reserved for waiting on long lines and commutes.

  • Feed your butterflies: This is one of the company values of Swift Kick, which I am the community manager at. It means doing things even though they make you nervous. It’s better to do something and fix the mistakes than to do nothing at all. If something scares you, go do it. I know this works: my entire college career was changed when I became an OL and eboard member exactly because I was scared but also wanted it.
  • Spend less time on your phone: I am like everyone else, if I am not touching my phone, I feel like something is wrong. I need constant technological stimulation. Even if I am watching tv, I am also paying no attention to the show because I am using my phone. It’s terrible. So I came up with ways to make the most of work AND leisure time (also totally important).
    • Put it away when with people: It’s time to know more about my friends and family and spend better quality time with them.
    • Leave phone in another room some time each day/do non-phone activity: Even if it simply means watching tv downstairs with my phone upstairs, I can relax better. Having my phone always on me is stressful with its constant notifications, or even the stress of not have any notifications. Leave it somewhere else, do something else. Forcing myself each day to do something sans phone will make it easier to learn to focus on reading again and do things like puzzles. We all need TRUE alone time.

OK if you read all that, you need to marry me immediately because you care too much about me. Cheers! xox


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