The dreaded File Box – An Epic Journey

You caught me, unless journey is defined by sitting in my room for hours playing a mix of country and rap music while shuffling through papers, it wasn’t a journey. But I have been productive!

January I decided was all about “Adulting my files,” aka going through all my old documents from college and high school, as well as receipts and banks statements. My first task was to tackle my file box.

You can see how stuffed the box is in the picture, and that’s after all the stuff I had already taken out and put in the trash pile on the floor. I found a lot of old documents from high school, including a Myers Briggs test I had taken to “figure out my career.” I used to be ENFP but now I am ENFJ…interesting. Also interesting was that one of the possible career choices for me was public speaker, a sort of dream of mine. Huh.

I sorted through all my old financial aid and bills from Fordham. I found an envelope I had labelled quite sassily:

“Fall ’10 Mofo of a threat”
Garbage pile/The beautiful aftermath

Fall 2010, Fordham hadn’t gotten all their money from me yet due to scholarship issues and told me if I didn’t pay, they would suspend my registration…awkward. Luckily, I always had a sense of humor and a great need to label things properly. Go Sabina! Anyway, after hours of sorting through most of the file box, I got it all labelled and organized and pretty. I made sure to rubber band all the documents of a same year together and label them with a bright post it note.  I also threw out a crapload of stuff.

But then I found all my old bank statements and millions of receipts. Knowing full well I had another box in my closet with more of the same, I decided to make that another task for another day. When I did get to it, it was hours of sorting receipts, shredding all over 3 year old documents and putting things in neat piles. Luckily, I love doing this kind of stuff.  That picture to the right is the fruit of my labor: the garbage pile, and the neat remains. It was lovely to say bye to all that paper. Once done, I put everything that wasn’t for 2014 into the file box. I will make sure to keep my financial documents more organized going forward this year.

Overall, I am satisfied with my documents, and also happy knowing that I faced all the old documents I used to be naively afraid of. Now that I am out of school, those things aren’t nearly as scary. :)

Upcoming posts will be about more updates in adulting my life, as well as a look at how well I have been doing with my resolutions. Thanks for reading, if you did, but really, go do something interesting because this post was BORING. xo


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