Surprise Success, the Revised “Bucet List”

SABINA YOU SPELLED BUCKET WRONG! No, shush, I didn’t, that’s how Melaney (the best friend) and I spell it for our purposes. Inside joke, outsider. ;)

Anyway, one of my goals for Adulting my Files in January was to revise the bucet list that Mel and I started in 2010. It had a lot of silly, impossible items that we needed to take another look at. I was afraid I was being too ambitious, resolving to do this in January, since Mel and I have a very hard time doing anything productive together. Last Friday, we surprised ourselves by actually opening up our old bucet list tumblr and writing out a new and improved list.

Isn’t it beautiful?! I am so proud of us. Some really great things came out of this new version of the list:

  • Mel’s idea of Memory Tag: Originally we had written to do yearly time capsules, but that presented issues of which one of us was going to have the capsule and put stuff in it. I suggested we open it together every New Year’s Eve to look at our year of friendship. Then, Mel had a light bulb moment and said, what if we got a box and every time one of us put something in it, they had to bring it to the other one, until they add something. And so the box goes back and forth and back and forth all year till December 31st. Brilliant! Probably our best idea so far.
  • Monthly adventures in food: This is pending us living together, mostly. Every month we would like to
            • Try a new restaraunt/eatery
            • Try a new recipe
            • Choose one “National ____ Day” to celebrate
  • Color coded fun: We realized that some of the items could be knocked off with more general items. So once we finished the list, we starred in green all items we can do on our planned road trip, in red for things we will do when we move in together, and in orange things we can do in Europe.

We are really excited to have a list we can realistically check off. :)



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