January: Failure or Success?

With only half a work week left in January (what the heck??), I want to look at how I have been doing in my resolutions and projects.  What’s working, what isn’t. [Note, this will be published on the last day of January, despite being written on the 29th]

In 2014, I set out to live by the following concepts:

Productivity: efficient and reliable

  • Planning each day the night before: Definitely did this for work, though I need to get better and scheduling the tasks. But even in it’s infancy stages, it has really helped my productivity and focus.
  • Do hardest task first: I keep reminding myself to do this at work. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I’ve definitely gotten better at it. At times, I decide I need to take it easy first and I override this resolution.
  • Monthly projects: See below!

Positivity: train your brain.

  • Eliminate negative speech: Ha! I think I got a little more negative in my speech actually. Life can be a little frustrating, sometimes. Note to self: get better at this.
  • Pause before speaking: News flash, I still can’t shut up. Work on this, self!

Living fully: get the most out of each moment

  • Feed your butterflies: Hmm I have no real metrics to measure this by. I think I have definitely done little scary tasks at work that scare me, (it’s part of my weekly meeting with my boss to talk about this!). I think this is slowly just becoming part of my brain. I’d say I am ok on this!
  • Spend less time on your phone:
    • Put it away when with people: Sometimes I am great at this…other times not so much. It’s more difficult than I thought because often my friends won’t put away their phone so I end up taking mine out. Also, in big groups, sometimes everyone else is talking about a show or something that I know nothing about and I resort to facebook chatting on my phone. Whoops! Work on this.
    • Leave phone in another room some time each day/do non-phone activity: I never (on purpose) said I’d do this once a day, because I didn’t really want to give myself strict rules on it. So I haven’t been tracking it. I do know I am much more in the habit of walking away from my phone. I don’t feel the addiction of checking a notification on my phone as soon as it happens, either. I’ve been reading more on the train too! Maybe I will make this a once a day habit.


In January, to “Adult My Files,” I set out to do the following:

Since I am writing this on Wednesday, the 29th, I hope to get the uncompleted tasks done by the weekend [hopefully by the time I publish this post!]. I can definitely try to clean up my desk after work the next 3 days and come up with a good system of documents that need my attention. I can back up my computer too, though I really don’t feel like doing that…haha.

Also, I decided that while I will continue to use Tom’s planner, I also received a calendar dry erase board as a late Christmas gift that will keep me on track with my goals without having to look online. :)

Overall, I’d say January was a success. I am not one to be hard on myself for not being perfect. It’s all about improvement.

Now to plan February, currently set at starting to learn the guitar…oh gosh…


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