Better Late Than Never: Who Knew I Could Sit at My Desk?

I never use the desk in my room. It tends to become the “drop all my crap here so I can collapse in bed after work” place. The problem is, things tend to get buried and neglected on it. I mean, look at it:

Piles of papers and books and notebooks and my uncharged iPod. You can’t tell, but behind my pen cup, there’s a little letter organizer that is full of things I was afraid to deal with since I was in college. My desk was basically the place for things in the “Yeah, I’ll totally get to this soon” category. This is where my organization goes to die.

I was supposed to get this done in January but I am not going to be too hard on myself for this. Most of my weekends end up having some plans. None of my projects are meant to take away from my social life, they are simply to make my downtime more productive. This Sunday, I had time between my house chores and my Super Bowl plans to spontaneously get my desk cleaned up. It took me about an hour and I am so proud of the results!

What?? There’s actually surface to this desk? Revolutionary.

Some good things to point out about my beautiful new workspace:

  • The two notebooks that were originally just piled with everything else are now standing, using the edge of my windowsill and picture board as bookends. I’m so innovative! (<—kidding)
  • The letter organizer has become more officially a place for things that must be dealt with. If it is in there, it needs to eventually be out of there. The only permanent object allowed in there is the letter my brother wrote me for my 20th birthday, because that is something I always want on hand.
  • Speaking of that letter, I found it while I was cleaning up and I straight up cried reading it. Cleaning leads to emotional happiness, everyone. Proven science fact.
  • Everything on the desk has been specifically chosen to belong there. All temporary items are put somewhere else or in the “to deal with” letter holder.

Bam bam! Good job, Sabina. Thanks.

Also, in regard to my resolutions, specifically the “less phone activity” one, I actually forgot about my phone’s existence today for a bit while I was working from home. Just straight up forgot. Awesome.


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