February: Hack My Spaces

From hellosair.tumblr.com

Yeah yeah, I said I would learn guitar this month. Well, that was setting myself up for failure. I need a lot more alone time and money/resources to make sure the guitar is in good shape. It wasn’t practical. It will happen in my life.

So my new February goals is: Hack My Spaces. I’m an adult with one room in my parents’ house. I have a lot of things I am trying to build my life with, but not space for them. Time to pretend my room is a teeny tiny studio apartment. TO PINTEREST!

By the end of this short month, I want the following to be reorganized and neater.

  • My bookshelf:  I’m out of room for new books because I’ve read my entire life. #Halp.
        • Jewelry that’s on it needs to be organized. I forget what I have
        • My scarves need to not be hanging off the corner of the shelf. Terrible
  • Pictures: 
        • Get a photo string/clothes pins to hang more pictures
        • Print pictures from senior year of college and work this year
  • Armoire:
        • Give away/throw out old clothes
        • Spruce up the already existing organization
  • Wall decorations: I already did this recently, but there’s still some posters that should be reorganized. I’m an adult damn it. No, Jesse McCartney will not be taken down.
  • My car: There’s crap  in there that doesn’t even belong to me. And spiders…dad can do this…just kidding.
  • Laptops: This was supposed to be done while I “Adulted my files” but shhhh!
        • Back up Dell
        • SET UP MY NEW ASUS

I will be doing a lot of research on how to best utlilize small spaces and organizing all my things (probably during my cafe job on Wednesdays). I am sure I will end up doing a lot more random things as I see them.

Let’s do this!


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