You Haven’t Heard From Me but My Bookshelf Certainly Has

Hello world of people who probably don’t read this nonsense!
I know I have not been updating much but I have been busy.

As you know, this month has been about hacking my spaces, aka making my room look more organized and pretty.

I started with my wall decorations. I’ve been slowly working on this for a year but I finished it up recently. I printed out a bunch of quotes and images I actually really like. My FUPAC barrio posters are now on the overhanging part of my ceiling where the roof angles, all in chronological order. All my FUPAC awards are on the other side of my armoire. The front of my armoire now has some good quotes and drawings I found on tumblr and pinterest. I am surrounding myself with things that really inspire me and speak to me. Altogether, the room looks a lot cleaner in it’s decorations.

I also tackled my bookshelf. Previously a clutter of too many books (I love reading) and too much jewelry (I love fashion), it now has been cleaned up a lot better. I got rid of old high school and college folders and notebooks. My fashion magazines for art projects got slipped under my bed, and replaced with my marketing and psychology textbooks I wanted to keep. Books I have by the same author are all in the same pile. #organizationismylife

Tackling the bookshelf was funny because I kind of just decided to attack it at 4pm on Saturday. Ten minutes later I looked around my room that looked like a tornado had hit it and said, “WHAT HAVE I DONE???” That kicked my butt into shape to really clean it up and throw things out. (Shout out to my friend Sarah, she watched me finish this process.)

I took all my flower hair clips that were just there on the shelf and clipped them to a pretty green ribbon in a pattern, then hung the ribbon on the side of my armoire. A new pretty decoration and a place to store them for easy access when I feel like a forest elf and want flowers in my hair!

Pearl Paint, aka Heaven

I also went to Pearl Paint on Monday afternoon. After I recovered from realizing it was a 5 floor art supply store right on Canal St. (hello heaven), I bought some gold spraypaint. Fun fact, they ID you for that. I promise I won’t tag “$ab$” all over NYC. I got the big can because I am sure I will find about 30,000 uses for gold spray paint. I specifically bought it to give new life to an old, drawn on, cork board that I want to hang my necklaces on.

My next steps:

  • Figure out a better place for my hanger (with shower curtain rings) that newly stores my scarves…the side of my bookshelf won’t do.
  • Clean out my armoire and closet and give away old clothes
  • Print the pictures I want and hang them on a string from the top of my walls (note to self : buy cute little clothespin clips)
  • Visciously go through all my jewelry, give away/throw out my old earrings that I don’t wear anymore. Clean up the rest of that bookshelf!
  • Spraypaint some ice cube trays so that I can easily store stud earrings
  • Possibly get a chest of drawers (the plastic dorm kind) for jewelry and beauty products.

That’s it for now! At the end of all this, I will put up before and after pictures. I’m a little behind because I am a tired working woman. But I will get to it :)



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