February Flew, but I Almost Missed the Flight

Well damn, it’s almost over, isn’t it? Did I get everything on my list done? Nope. I am currently doing the scramble to do as much as possible before next week. Some stuff might happen this weekend though, though it will be technically March…shhh don’t tell.

I did get things done though! Prepare yourself for some wonderful before and after pictures.

First, I tackled the decor around the room…I still have more things to put up but that’ll never end.


[Please note how cute the flower clips are hanging on a ribbon on the side!]

My FUPAC Barrio posters are now in chronological order


My bookshelf was tchotchke central, with way too many books shoved on it.

[most of the little things are gone or rearranged, books are better organized and stacked, a lot of notebooks and magazines moved elsewhere]


Scarves were draped over the bookshelf…yuck

[Shower curtain rings and a hanger organized them better. I want to move this off the shelf eventually.]


I also started going through my jewelry and my beauty things in my armoire last night and was able to throw out/ give away a lot. Trust me, this looks a lot better than it did.


Next steps:

  • Pick up the pictures I printed, hang them on a string around my room
  • Spraypaint cork board and put necklaces up.
  • Buy a plastic chest of drawers (dorm style) so I can better clean out my armoire and organize my accessories and beauty products.
  • Washing the sweatshirt that has been in my car for a year, literally, and mail it to the friend it belongs to…I am ashamed, yes.
  • Go through ALL my jewelry, keep adding to the arts and crafts pile with old things I don’t want (repurposing for the WIN!) and giving away old things.
      • Did you know you can use old stud earrings as push pins and fun stuff like that? Pinterest is awesome.

Thanks for reading, Nicole :P (Is she the only one who is crazy enough to read this? Probably)

I will update you with any finishing touches when they happen, even if it is no longer February!


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