March Madness: Crash Course Daily

Alright everyone, I am SUPER excited about March’s project, though it is going to take some discipline.

My goal is that every day this month, I will get myself well-versed on some subject. Now, these will be anything from learning to waterfall braid my own hair to understanding the basics of a sport. See, a lot of my friends know A LOT about random stuff. I am not even sure I know A LOT about things I know a lot about…So I want to learn a billion things. Don’t make fun of the things I choose to learn about, I am pretty ignorant about a lot of things people take for granted having the knowledge of. I will try to send out weekly posts here outlining my week of learning, with the resources I learned from so that you can learn along with me! Sound good? Sweet.

I am using Tom’s Planner and my nifty dry erase calendar to map out each day.

I am going to write little cheat sheets — this is real, school learnin’– in a cute notebook.

Let’s do this!


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