Crash Courses March 1-8: Football to Beauty to Saints

The first few things I thought to learn about portray well how wide a spectrum my personality has. While I am desperate to not be sports stupid because I enjoy being a guy’s gal kinda gal, I also desperately needed to stop relying on my sister to braid my hair and on google to remind me what I like to drink. I know, these things should already be in my knowledge arsenal, what can I say. Be nice. I am being brutally honest about my lack of information!


March 1st (technically it is after midnight but I was busy this weekend)
Football Basics

Now, I am not totally dumb about football, I learned a little watching at Fordham (go Rams!) and also this year, watching the superbowl, my best friend and her mom gave me a crash course. But I really want it ingrained in my brain because my favorite movie is Remember the Titans, after all, and I do love football.

I used these resources:


March 2nd
How to waterfall braid my own hair

image source –


Before now, if my hair looked like this, it was my sister that I forced to learn to do this who did it for me. I am going to try to stop being such a bossy older sister now. My arms hurt from trying to practice on my own crazy hair. I think I get the basics. Practicing any time I need a cute hair style. No that is not me in the picture, but you can click through the picture to the source it is from.


Resources I used:


March 3rd *
NYC Layout

image source –


I work in NYC, I went to school in the Bronx. But given my dependence on apps like Google maps and Hopstop [until the evil empire of Apple took it away from my Android lifestyle, -shakes fist-], I still get confused about areas and numbers and where everything is in relation to each other. I also am pretty bad at maps and navigation in general. So I want a good basic knowledge of NYC to help me visualize the most beautiful city on earth.



March 4th*
Types of Alcoholic Beverages 

So I am a little behind on knowing all the types of drinks that can get ya feelin’ right, since I only started drinking when I was 21. [Following the law for the win!] Obviously, I am not totally ignorant. I know my favorites already (hello whiskey, how ya doin’ Jack), but I want to be able to know a brand name and know exactly the type. This is hard, because I suck at names a lot. Time for some infographics!


  1. This epic periodic table of alcohol:
  2. This incredibly handy website:
      1. I need to try tepache and palinka now
  3. Great wine list:
Oh Taylor Pyatt, you make a girl swoon

March 5th*
Basics of Hockey

Recently, my friend Joey and I started a running joke that I “bleed hockey” because I said this sarcastically one day and he thought I was a regular comedienne. (I am pretty damn funny, whether or not you appreciate it.) Since then, he started texting me Rangers updates and scores, as well as live updates during games. One day, I searched the Rangers scores on my phone because I was curious, and Google Now started giving me updates on all things Rangers. So basically, I know very little about hockey other than the players are very attractive, but I follow the Rangers and get annoyed when they lose. So it’s time to educate myself.


  1. Hockey 101 videos on Youtube like this one:
  2. HowStuffWorks: [only read a couple pages because I don’t wanna overload myself]

————At this point, I ran out of pre-assigned topics and started raiding the library with half an hour before closing. Leggo!

March 6th*
Cheap Eats in NYC

I have plans on Monday (tomorrow) to grab dinner with my friend, preferably by Grand Central. I don’t think she’d go for dollar pizza in Tribeca so might as well find out all the cheap eats while I am at it. I’m a poor post grad, after all!


  1. Epic List –> Real Cheap Eats:
  2. Where to Eat Near Grand Central:
  3. Where to eat Near Grand Central:

March 7th*
Saint Catherine of SienaCatherine of Siena.jpg

My Confirmation name is Catherine, after Saint Catherine of Siena. I recently realized I remember NOTHING about her….that’s awkward. This should be a quick one!


  1. Obviously, wikipedia:

Hmmm seems like one of the things she warned against was “adorning yourself” and dressing for others/vanity. Definitely something I struggle with. Interesting.

March 8th*
World War I

It’s been a while since I took history classes…I realized everyone knows about WWII but WWI is a bit fuzzy. We have already established that I am a little nerdy.


  1. Wikipedia again, since no professor can stop me now -evil laugh-:
  2. OK wikipedia was all I really needed. I didn’t want THAT much detail.

*In the spirit of brutal honesty, these dates actually caught up on March 5th and other dates this week, whoops. I’m a busy woman.


Note: none of these photos are mine, click through for source.


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