Crash Courses March 9-15: Superheroes and Online Marketing

Hello! New week and I am starting on March 9th. No promises on doing all these on time though. I’m always running around or exhausted or both. (The rest of these were done on the weekend. Welp.)

March 9
DC vs. Marvel

Alright, I’m on tumblr a lot, I know there’s beef between these two. But all I really want to know is which superhero is which? (Comic book lovers of the world just simultaneously gasped, my brother and sister included.)



March 10

SEO -Search Engine Optimization

I’ve researched this before but I think I need to get more information. This is kinda my entire job.


March 11
WordPress Tips 

Even more my job than SEO. We live on wordpress. I know a good amount about it, but always good to get concrete tips. I’m realizing that I don’t understand a lot of tech internet terms. Ah! Help, I’m a creative not a technical person :/


Show Pony: 5 Fresh New DIY 'Dos #refinery29
I tried this and like it!

March 12
Hairstyles for Shoulder Length Hair

I love having shoulder length hair, although most people I know tell me to grow it long again. Shush guys, my hair looks best layered and short, let’s face it. Especially because I put in like zero effort to make it look decent. I do miss one thing about long hair, though, braids and other fun hair styles. So I am on the hunt for good hair styles so that I don’t look the same every day.



body language
Great job!

March 13
Body Language

Saw an article a friend posted, remembered that I am super interested in this subject. What I found was actually even more interesting than what I set out to find.



March 14
skin careSkin Care

I have struggled with acne since middle school and never really stopped struggling. It’s a struggle, haha. I already have a pinterest board dedicated to this. I should add some new things to it.


March 15
Life of Jane AustenJane Austen

She is one of my favorite authors. I haven’t seen that movie about her life (Becoming Jane or something?), but I would like to know more about her other than she was forever alone. (I feel ya, girl.)



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