Crash Course Daily: March 16- March 22

So, I am a week behind this schedule. Tomorrow is the last day of March. I did all these this week. Awkward…Note to self: doing things one a day is setting myself up for failure because I am exhausted all the time.


Kare Kare
Kare Kare: oxtail stew with peanut sauce and vegetables…mmm

March 16
Filipino Food

So we all know how much I adore the Filipino culture…and especially the food, oh my goodness. Since I graduated and had to leave FUPAC, I haven’t been immersed in the culture as much anymore. Time to brush up on names and dishes of Filipino food so I can successfully remember all the deliciousness. If you get out of practice with this stuff, you can’t remember since I do not speak tagalog and none of the words stick. Damn, now I want all this stuff. Yummmm


March 17
Indian Weddings
My best friend is going to India for a wedding this May and so we started talking about what traditional Indian weddings are like. For example, what’s the actual significance of henna, besides something I desperately want?
    • Wikipedia
    • I got distracted when I remembered this scene from a Bollywood movie

I realize this is just a ridiculous movie but it makes me happy. Ok back to learning.

March 18
Arguing Techniqueargument.jpg

I have never been good in a debate. I end up not knowing how to convey my thoughts, which are valuable, and I end up looking like I have no case. It drives me nuts. Especially being a very small and young looking woman, being taken seriously can be a struggle. So I am looking for a few tips to help me with situations where I need to stand my ground.


March 19
11 Small-Space Living Tricks From Real-Life Apartments #refinery29 - rugs and low shelves define zonesLiving in Small Spaces-Interior Design

Eventually, my best friend and I will move out. We are poor college grads who will most likely find a tiny place we will love to pieces. This means that I want to help prep myself by best usage of space…and in cute ways. I even took a book out of the library for this! I love interior design, always have. When I was younger, I thought that would be my career.


March 20
Options for learning Tagalog filipino flag

So next month my project will be for learning Tagalog, the Filipino language. But I am not really sure the best way to start learning that language, so I might as well search for options now. (Preferably for free…)


Tagalog, Conversational: Learn to Speak and Understand Tagalog with Pimsleur Language Programs

March 21
logical fallaciesLogical Fallacies

Learning about debating reminded me that I love logical fallacies..they are so fun. Refresher course!






March 22
Turtle factsbaby turtle

So… I like turtles. A lot. Like a lot a lot. Time to be a turtle expert, because my friends totally don’t think I talk about turtles enough already. Turtles.



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