April Showers Brings Tagalog for Beginners

Hellooo friends! It’s a new month! And while I admittedly am behind on my March Crash Courses, I am excited to start on this month’s goal: Starting to learn Tagalog (the Filipino language). I know I can’t learn a language in one month, obviously, but I would like to get a better grip on the basics. You see, in college, April was the month of Barrio: the biggest event us at the Filipino club, FUPAC, put on each year. I am out of college now, so I figured that this project would be a good nod to my past.

Yesterday, I downloaded an app that has basic phrases and greetings. I am still looking for more interactive ones. I think I will also take some books out of the library to help. If you know any cheap or free ways for me to learn tagalog, let me know! Salamat! (Thank you!)

I will try and keep you updated as I progress. I need a plan first…welp.


If you read this, mahal kita. (I love you, a phrase I already knew. )



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