Tagalog is a Fascinating Language

Hi guys!

So my Tagalog adventures have been…sorta going. I realized I have no idea to teach myself a new language. So I searched around and found this website: https://learningtagalog.com/grammar/index.html. Definitely helpful! Also, I searched youtube because I want to learn about pronunciation too. I also have some lovely friends who can help me along the way!

I started looking over that website and it is so interesting the way word order and verbs work in Tagalog. It is going to take a lot of studying, which I tend to have very little discipline to do. I think what I need to do is decide where I want to be with the language at the end of the month and create a plan. I don’t think I will get to much speaking besides phrases but I will be able to understand HOW the language works better.

BUT I AM SO TIRED. Just kidding, I’ll do it. :)


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