April Confessions and May Promises

Hi y’all!

April was a ridiculously busy month for me and May is already booked, even though it hasn’t started yet. Help!!!

While I did not learn nearly as much as I should have, I wasn’t totally idle. I spent some commuting time quizzing myself on phrase recognition on the app I downloaded. I watched the first video in this awesome series where this dude on youtube explains a whole conversation so you can learn a lot in one shot.

I worry a bit about my sources because you never know which one has the most accurate translations. Looks like I have to immerse myself in the Filipino culture… hehe.

Probably should have bought this…ha ha

I feel like I learned more than I would have this month if I didn’t make it my project, but I wish I had had more learning time. I definitely look forward to buying some Tagalog books and continuing my studies casually. My life is too crazy for anything else at the moment. (That’s a terrible excuse, Sabina, shut up.)

But alas, as all the Justin Timberlake memes are telling us: IT’S GONNA BE MAY.

May will be about a personal art project, though I am not sure I want to divulge too much information about it yet.

Basically, I will be using Photoshop, and any other tools I learn of, to create art and design for another personal, sort of secret, project I have been working on for the last year. By the end of this month, I want a solid draft that would make the whole project a complete package that I could move onto my next steps with…I know, I am being super vague. You will live.

pretty little liars animated GIF

Anyway, mysteriously going to install Photoshop on my laptop now, finally.


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