Halfway Through May, Release the Colored Pencils!

Hello my friends!

So as per usual, I have not made CRAZY headway on my project for this month, but I did sit down with some colored pencils and a drawing pad to start sketching ideas and brainstorming. It was inspiring, as colored pencils tend to be. I came up with a few overall themes for the project and decided to settle for my first idea anyway. I then attempted to randomly pick the colors until I realized that I needed to take a look back at the project itself and choose the colors with purpose.

I realize this is super vague. Here’s a sneak peek of the project, based on my brainstorming. You can infer as much as you like from it :)

On Monday, my coworking space, New Work City, is holding a “Side Project Jam Session” after hours. Which means we all stop doing work for our company and start working on our personal side projects. I can’t wait! I hope a lot of people join. I will be working on this!



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