Success in May & an Introspective June

Hello, friends! Happy June!

First thing’s first, a review of my last month’s project. I did indeed finish the template of the photoshop project. I am sending out commmunications to friends to help me with the next steps. Once I can finish that end of the project, I will work on sending out the first version to my selected group of friends. Yes, Nicole, I’m lookin’ at you. I am really glad I decided on that project for May, because I actually accomplished it. Usually, I never follow through with those types of personal project.

May was filled with a lot, and goodness it went fast. But every month goes fast for me. This month marked 1 year since I was hired by Tom at Swift Kick. I have seen a lot of success, watched my friends graduate from college, and finally finally got back my warm weather. Byeeee winter, forever? I wish.

Here’s a pixelated screenshot of my project. Mwahahha secrets

But what about June?

This month I am going to spend a lot more time on this blog, sharing my thoughts of the day from whatever adventures I get into. Please be aware I use the word “adventure” to describe a trip to the post office or simply showing up for work. I have fun. I see myself either doing these in the morning when I have an inspired commute into the city, or on the train on the way home from work, in summation of my day.

I used to use tumblr a lot more for sharing my thoughts but I feel like that audience isn’t where I want those thoughts to be limited to. There’s no rules for what I will write about, it could be anything.

I hope that by the end of the month, I have a daily collection of ways to show you all who I am. My mind is constantly coming up with abstract ideas, that either translate into nothing or absolutely everything. If you read them, well thanks, dude. I hope I have something of value to say! xo


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