Thoughts of the Day – June 2nd: Friendship & Intensity

My first official thoughts of the day post! I don’t have much time, so I will make it brief-ish. I feel all showered and clean and fresh right now, and the summer breeze is coming through my window. I am so happy in the summer.


Today there’s been a lot going through my mind.

  1. Friends should lift you higher.

    We have all been through that adolescent phase where we are convinced that your best friends are the ones who can be mean to you and tease because “you are that close.” Lately I have realized how false this is. I’ve been thinking about the fact that you should surround yourself with people who lift you up, who are inspired by you and who inspire you. Your closest friends are the ones who are proud of you, and tell you so. They know when your face lights up and even if they don’t understand what you are excited about, they revel in the sunshine gleaming from your eyes. They certainly don’t always bring you down when you’re flying, or mock you when you show them who you are at your very core. I am so very thankful for those people in my life, new and old, who have listened to my rants on marketing and student leadership and the fact that life is the most amazing thing. Like, ever. I hope to keep working to make myself that friend for those around me.

    When you do have a friend who doesn’t share your zest for life, or who makes you feel bad sometimes, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should drop them. Just remember not to let their rain cloud block your sunshine. Shine bright enough to make those crazy beautiful visible rays of light through the clouds. Know what I mean? But most of your friends should lift you up. You can’t help anyone if you’re being dragged down on all sides. Inspire yourself and others with your natural abilities.

  2. On being intense.

    I am a crazy intense person. I can hear those who know me laughing while reading this, because it is so true. When I love things, I adore them and tell everyone about it often. I am loud and hyperbolic and make big deals of things just for the fun and humor of it. I am often misunderstood as dramatic or unable to relax. I’m just kidding guys. I am big, it’s what I do.

    I think this is the reason I feel often that people don’t take me seriously. I think because I feel things in such extremes, and express them that way, it is hard for most people to understand that these things are still important. We tend to discount people who are OUT THERE with their excitement as silly. Just because I am crazy involved with my college’s Filipino club, or that I bleed Fordham school spirit, doesn’t mean that when I sit down quietly these things lose their value. I express what I feel, I hold nothing back. I honestly cannot contain myself because I want the world to see what I see, how inexplicably amazing things can be. But through my joking, my yelling, my laughable optimism, I think I am worth taking seriously, because I am seriously passionate about these things for a reason! :)

Alright, that’s all for now. Come back tomorrow :D


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