Thoughts of the Day, June 3rd – My Jeep & the Perpetual Summer

Happy end of Tuesday, my friends! You can see how badly I prioritized this post, waiting till literally the last few minutes of the day. I fell asleep on the train. Which brings me to my first thought,

  1. Sister Improvement?

    This summer I want me and my sister to help each other start healthier sleeping habits, aka not being up until 1am. She’s starting college and is in desperate need of a good sleeping schedule. And I am an adult who needs to stop resisting bedtime like a child. I just am always so desperate for my alone winding down time, which starts very late because I see my friends until 11 or midnight most nights.

    I also want me and my sister to come up with actionable ways to cut down our family’s crazy high electric and water bills. We can outline a plan for a family and take charge of our money, darn it!

  2. Car trouble

    Today I found out that my ’97 Jeep Grand Cherokee probably needs work done that would cost way more than is worth putting into the car. This is the second car I have to see go. I am still not over the death of my Pontiac Grand Prix, my first car. Anyway, as per my usual self, I took the news calmly and had faith that whatever happens will work out. I thank God for this ability. Shout out to the amazing man at American Cycle & Tire (in Montrose, NY) who didn’t charge me anything for bringing in my car and looking at this mess. He’s pretty great and I owe him cookies or something.

    I at first was thinking I don’t need a car, I barely use mine, being in the city 4 days a week anyway. But then talking to my mom made me realize that I need it for when I drive myself to the train if I stay late in the city, or seeing my friends, or doing anything really. I haven’t been without a car since before college. I’d be happy to give it up if I lived in the city, but I don’t yet. And I really don’t want to sink money into a new (used) car that I am trying to save up for moving out/ not being broke. We won’t even talk about how little I want my $400 a month health insurance…Whatever, what happens will happen and I will be fine. Can I move out yet?

  3. Time, man.

    I am realizing in little pieces how ridiculous it is that I have lived through an entire year out of school. Students have gone through the motions of an academic year, without me doing the same. This current summer and the last one feel the same, because my brain can’t imagine there was a whole other set of seasons between them. I keep waiting for summer break to be over and to go back to school. It was just summer 2013. What do you mean another class has graduated? Crazy, having gone through it and not even realized. I feel like from now on my life is going to be a perpetual summer, until I have kids who start going to school.

    I do feel like an adult these days, in certain ways. I sometimes glimpse myself in the same way I used to look at the alumni when I was in college still. That realization you’re the person you used to admire is pretty cool. No one grows up thinking about what they will be like after college; the day dream always seemed to end on a campus. But here we are, struggling joyously through the weirdest period anyone can live through: post grad, at home, 20 something. Happy, free, confused and lonely. Thanks Taylor Swift, you really get me.

    No matter what, it’s all pretty epic, don’t you think? I am proud of the things I have been accomplishing, through this blog project and also in my career. I never would have dreamed I was capable of any of this. Let alone travelling the subways every day without getting lost…

    As Tom so eloquently put today during our meeting: “Time is like a clock in the water.”

    Don’t worry, he doesn’t know what it means either.

Those are my thoughts of the day. I am also reading this book called The Miracle Morning, which has me thinking a lot about reaching your full potential through your actions, meditation, affirmations, and all that other positive crap everyone hates me for. ;) Definitely an interesting read, I strongly suggest you check it out.

Peace out, cub scouts!


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