Thoughts of the Day – June 6th: 5 Year High School Reunion

Hi friends! It’s Friday, rejoice! Or don’t, because I personally think every day is amazing. Anyway.

I may have had a little wine before writing this. You’ve been warned. Just kidding.

Tonight is my 5 year high school reunion.  I realize nobody else has ever done a reunion after 5 years, but the class of Divine 09 at Ossining High School wanted to. So I am still at work right now, doing happy hour with my two best friends from home, waiting for our other friends to get here. I love Fridays that drag on at work like this because my coworking space is so fun to be at after hours.

I am pretty excited for this reunion! I mean, I kept in touch with my close friends, but I am looking forward to talking to people I haven’t seen in a while and see where they are at. I have to admit, I am also excited to have them talk to me: I am not the same person I was in high school. I’ve become entirely myself, in that I am confident and very, very excited about my life and what I am doing. They know me as the girl who always got As in classes. They don’t know me yet as someone who runs online communities, lead clubs in college, and is all around in love with meeting/re-meeting people.

I know, that sounded a little full of myself. Forgive me. I am just proud of who I am, and I am happy to see people from my past, but without the insecurities I was just getting over as I left high school. And, I am so interested to see where they are at now. The last time we all saw each other, every day, we were 17. That sounds so young, immature, and innocent now. I guess that in 10 years, I will say that about being 22.

In other news, today my friends from my coworking city all went with me to the park to have lunch. It is the first time I went to that park for lunch not alone. It was awesome. It made me take a step back and be thankful for becoming so much a part of my work space that I have solid friends here to go have summer time lunch dates with, in large groups. Check us out!new work city



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