Thoughts of the Day – June 7th: Exhaustion

Well, I am tired!

The reunion was fun! A little crazy, being at a bar with random strangers and people you haven’t seen in year. It was like playing Where’s Waldo, but more like “Where’s people I might not recognize, but know.” I actually spent time talking to people from elementary school, and people that I never have really talked to. Goes to show that sometimes you really do judge people by who they are friends with and your own perception of them, without taking into account that each person is worth listening to. There was a lot of feelings of goodwill and no real awkwardness, at least for me. Then again, I love situations like that where the possibilities are endless.

I also realized I need to be careful, as Dance Floor Theory says, not to try and bring a 1 or 2 into the center with the 5s. That’s crazy and makes them uncomfortable. I also wish I had spent more time being a facilitator, instead of doing what I always do and just jumping in by myself. Think of others more!!! Notes to myself. (In case you’re wondering, Dance Floor Theory is the program my wonderful boss does at colleges about student engagement and student leadership. 1s are students who won’t get involved, 5s are in the center of the dance floor/campus, totally involved and super excited. Needless to say, I am close to a 5. It gets exhausting for me and those around me who don’t know what to do with me.)

In other news, I am tired. Excited for another full week, but also excited to relax tomorrow. Peace out, cub scouts.

ohs 5 year
Part of our group in the elevator, really excited for the reunion. We are a little embarrassing



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