Thoughts of the Day – June 10th: Did I Even Think?

Hmmm, I am not sure that today I had any earth-shattering thoughts. I had another pretty productive day, got everything I had to do done. Funny, usually the end of the day is a time crunch, but today it was 4 and I was trying to figure out what I felt like doing next, because the crucial stuff was taken care of. I very rarely have days where I even look at the clock; most of the time my day is gone before I realize an hour has passed.

I ran a really good #SLChat today. I am really glad I stuck to my guns and decided to bring the chats back on a weekly basis. I think consistency is key when you’re building a community. I totally see why we decided to go bi-weekly for summer, but I don’t think it works so early in building something. We had a lot of new faces in the chat, and the topic on finding inspiration was a good one.

I continue to be proud of my friend group from home because everyone is really excited about our new-found plan to have real fun and do real things. Do all adults have trouble with this?

I also continue to be really happy about my group of friends forming at my coworking space. That feeling of waiting for school to come back is starting to fade, being replaced by this new life I am forming with a very diverse and random group of people.  I have also really been feeling major love for my friends in the communities of the Student Leader and Student Affairs Collectives. The connections I have made have been very, very real, even if they are virtual. (You know who y’all are!)

I told my boss today that I am marvelling at how the student affairs pros I work with have been telling me how important I am to the community. Being told how appreciated your work is, that’s priceless. I’ve spent a lot of time not  being taken seriously in my life, and I can feel myself blossoming the more I have this support system. I may work to help you, but you all are a new set of big brothers and sisters that make sure I know my worth, and inspire me to keep getting better.

I think my lack of original thoughts today has to do with my lack of a new book to read on the train today. (I knocked out both ways on the train, whooops.) I finished The Miracle Morning, though I am slacking on actually DOING it. I will! I am worried about my sleep schedule first though. That’s an excuse. Anyway, without something to stimulate my mind, my mind seemed to stop working. I also chose not to have my second cup of coffee today. That’s an addiction.

Meanwhile, nobody saw yesterday’s post because I posted it in the middle of the night, so please go look at that one too. I was cleverer yesterday.

Before I go, please check out this song: Quarterback by Kira Isabella. I have been listening to it on REPEAT the past few days. It is so powerful, so please, pretty please, listen to the whole thing. Yes, it is a weird song to be listening to repeatedly.

 Peace, love and hugs y’all.


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