Thoughts of the Day – June 9th: Simplicity, Progress, and Being Bothered

Happy Monday! Today was quite productive.  I knocked out my to-do list and just watched everything get done one by one. Everything took less effort than I thought today! Take that, rainy Monday. I countered it with Nirvana and some sad country song I can’t stop playing. Of course, my day wasn’t without my random mind wanderings, so here they are.

Simplicity:  This morning it was too cold to wear my planned outfit, so I opted for the plain gray v-neck tshirt, jeans, wedged sandals, and classy statement necklace look. The only color is on the necklace, and it is a light shade of turquoise. I got complimented by my lovely friend at work and felt really good about my outfit all day. Sometimes, classy and simple is exactly what you need, especially when you want to feel comfortable. My taste has also gotten remarkably more classic and neutral in fashion these days. Welp, is this growing up? Or just Claire Underwood being my fashion inspiration?

Excuse the selfie for the sake of my outfit. Featuring, the edge of my dinner

Progress: Today I looked back at my quarterly review to see what actions were still left to take this quarter to more fully follow our company values, as per conversations with my boss. I realized that I have already improved a lot in areas we had talked about. I have a lot less to work on as this quarter closes than I thought! It struck me how much I have progressed, all from one conversation with Tom. That was all it took to become a better version of myself.

“Be Forever Bothered:” As you know, my wonderful alma mater, Fordham University, has very much shaped who I am. I was recently reminded of how Father McShane, president of the University, always told us to be bothered. The idea is that we must look around our world and be bothered enough to change things, to not be content with how they are. Today  I ended up reading someone’s post about what it means to be a leader and mentor. It said that we often slip into wanting the “high” of being someone’s helper, or rescuer. But real leadership is not for your own glory, but actually to help that person become independent and capable. I also saw a C. S. Lewis quote about “giving more than you can spare,” in other words, giving isn’t giving until you have faith that God will take care of the actual sacrifice you made that was more than you could give.  Both of these things caused me to be bothered. It is easy for me to cross the line from happy with myself to thinking I am good enough. I need reminders, however, that I am never good enough, I can always improve.

We are going to pretend I posted this before midnight. Until tomorrow!


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