Thoughts of the Day – June 12th: How Well Do You Know Your Bookworm Best Friend?

Hello people of earth! (More like the US and Canada, but who’s counting pageviews?) (Oh, it’s me.)

My sister was happily and gorgeously sent away to prom. She looked stunning today, and I am a proud big sister. Her date is a cool dude I get along with, and her lovely friends got ready with her. I had some good bonding time with the little ones today.

So what did I do while my little sister was running around like a princess at prom? After I finished working for the day, (I took time off to help her get ready, and then made up as many hours as possible), my best friend came over, as is routine. After the usual girl talk, we ended up looking at our bucet list. Yes, that’s bucket spelled wrong, it’s on purpose, don’t question it. Then we started talking about those “how well do you know your bestie” games where people ask you questions and you have to answer for the other friend.

Before I knew it, we had loose-leaf and pens and were writing down answers, preparing in case we ever had to make an appearance at a game like that.

She was nice and put a smiley next to my name. So I put a sad face next to hers, because I’m a jerk. Usually, it’s the other way around.

We ended up learning so much about each other. Besides the silliness that Melaney’s ultimate dream is to become “princess of the world,” and that my best talent is annoying everyone with my optimism, some real major bonding happened.

I found out that her and I shared some favorite books when we were growing up, before we even knew each other. We both were reminded of how amazing books are. We also realized that it seems like the “sweet spot” for reading and literature is middle school. All those books were SO good back then. Now it’s hard to find a book you’re obsessed with. I don’t know if young adult is just a good genre or if reading is better at that age. It is probably both.

Melaney came up with a great idea because of this conversation: We should pick our absolute favorite books, from childhood and now, and swap them. It will be like saying, here this made a huge impact on me, please read it. If a book is a big hit with the other bestie, we will pass it onto some of our other friends. This idea was added to our bucet list, and I think it is a great one. We will get to know each other so much better, by sharing in these experiences.

You never know how much you have left to learn about someone. And I see this lady at least 3 times a week.



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