Thoughts of the Day – June 13: I Love Beginnings & Tea

Today was quite a day. I was not feeling well at all for a lot of it, and it knocked me out of commission for a bit. Thank goodness for tea and good friends who let me sit with them and complain about dying. Which reminds me, today I was asking Sarah (my friend who works for the coworking space I work at) if the tea was for everyone. And then genius struck me, was it communitea???? I know, I am a marvel to humanity.


The good thing that happened today was having two great meetings with Emma (former Student Leader Collective community guru) and Kirby (new SLC documentation master). Emma and  I chatted so I could see her perspective of being on the team, the good and bad, under my leadership. She gave me great feedback and great ideas moving ahead to make the team better. Big ups to her for being on the team when it still was in development stages, and for being so helpful about future improvement.

My meeting with Kirby was also incredibly exciting for me. It was the first time I have ever talked to her face to face (over Google Hangouts of course). I love her! I didn’t know her well before this, besides her help with Random Acts of Kindness Day. I cannot wait to work with her. She was really awesome about letting me talk at her with a LOT of information about being on the team. I can tell she will be a great fit. The team is looking amazing; we are going to do big things.

Speaking of teams, the Rangers really need to win this game right now. Kings just tied the game 2-2, too close for comfort.

Anyway, I see big things happening in the future. I am so excited for our new intern Nathalia to come on, as well as the others. I can’t wait to get back on my game on Monday, when I get to meet with current SLC PR manager Zach, and new SLC community guru, Juan. (Nicole, I see you reading this, wanna chat? ;) )

Tomorrow I have a crazy day doing a catering job with my boss from my cafe job. That’s going to be exhausting. And then Father’s Day on Sunday! So many things! I need a good beer…and a gift for Father’s Day.

Sorry these thoughts aren’t that compelling today, my brain isn’t really on. -shrugs-

As a last note, huge snaps to men who can deal with women suffering from lady issues, that’s a real great find in this world. We salute you, understanding men!

The Rangers just went into overtime because it is still tied 2-2. Going to focus on the game now. Peace out, cub scouts!


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