Thoughts of the Day – June 14th: Hacking It

Alright, this is going to be brief because it’s almost 2am (this is 2 hours late, I know), and I just got home and have a headache. Hello!

Skipping past my catering job today, or the fact that my friends and I cuddled and watched the second half of the Blindside and the first half of Ice Princess tonight, I realized something while I was trying to put together my Father’s Day gift.

I have gotten pretty good at “hacking it.”

In other words, I can find solutions to last minute problems pretty easily. All it takes is a little confidence, mixed with an “I don’t have time to worry” attitude. I always have said that I learned more in my Visual Thinking art class in high school than I did in most other classes, and this is proof. In art, especially when making a collage or painting, there’s no going back, once you make a mark. You learn pretty fast how to make any mistakes work. You add on top, you change directions, you make it work.

When I realized the pictures I printed for dad were some landscape and some portrait, but all for 1 frame, I made it work. I took the portrait pictures and cut them so they were just in the center of the landscape frames, and then I put some cool patterned paper behind them. Bam, it looks intentional. It looks like art. It’s really because I messed up.

But we all know I am all about making good from bad.

Night y’all.


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