Thoughts of the Day – June 15th: Family…Bonding?

Hello there! I hope all your fathers had a beautiful Father’s Day! Mine seemed to enjoy it.

Me and my dad when I graduated from Fordham in 2013. He's very much responsible for the woman I am today. He's a cool cat.
Me and my dad when I graduated from Fordham in 2013. He’s very much responsible for the woman I am today. He’s a cool cat.

We went to my Aunt Dee Dee’s house and amazingly, my family actually had full on conversation. It was everything from grammar to free hugs (directed at me) to bullying and mental health. Yes, there were raised voices, but not in a combative way. In an Italian family who all think they are the right ones way. If that made any sense.

My point is, it was pretty nice. I felt more like an adult than I usually do with my family. I was better able to stand my ground in my thoughts. Is it possible I am getting better at debating? I have a long, long way to go, but I guess I am!

My brother also told me he got my email with my project and will be looking at it this week. Hopefully he will give me the courage to keep going. If anyone can, it’s him.

In other news, I have this weird feeling of nervousness about this week for some reason. It’s amazing the things that we can convince ourselves of. It always throws me off, knowing I can’t always trust my brain when it decides to latch onto a crazy worry or theory. It’s hard to pull apart reality from your own over complicated thoughts, sometimes. I have gotten better at clearing my mind since I was little, but sometimes I still become fixated on a worry. I pray a lot to make it go away.

Thanks to my readers for listening to my ramblings. I try to be honest on here, because I am who I am, always. And even if this blog makes me seem super ambitious and accomplished (does it?), I am not without my doubts, worries, and imperfections.



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