Thoughts of the Day – June 17: Pressure, Holding Out, & Community

Just finished up really intense #SLChat MODing duty that included being on the train, in a car, and walking into my house while running the show. That was slightly stressful, but that’s what happens when the 6 train decides being on time isn’t a real priority. I did it! Now, for some thoughts.

LOL, the mom has a necklace too.
LOL, the mom has a necklace too.

Pressure: Lately I have been doing a lot of meetings to onboard new team members and brainstorm with Tom. This ends up pushing my normal tasks to later in the day, or the next day. Today I still had a bunch of things to do when it hit 4pm. With an hour and a half to go before I had to leave, I went into full speed ahead mode. Every time I thought I might not be able to get a task done, I just went and did it. Bam! Moral of the story: I work well under pressure. It forces me to eliminate extra frilly thoughts and just do what is necessary.  A task that usually takes me 10ish minutes took me about 2 minutes. Did as much thought go into it as normal? No. But I have done it enough times to be able to make fast decisions that work. Leslie Knope would be proud.

Holding Out, worth it? : Recently I decided I was bored with my hair style and would grow out my bangs to make way for a sleeker, simpler look. Being my scissor happy self, I surprisingly held out for a while, and watched my bangs become more and more annoying. Last night, after another frustrated glance in the mirror, I decided to bring back the bangs. Why? Because I am happier with my face shape and my hair when I have them. And if there’s one thing I cannot deal with, it’s not being comfortable in my own skin. It got me thinking, maybe it isn’t always worth forcing yourself to hold out for something when you’re unhappy about it. Yeah, I’d made it that far, but so what? What was it for?

Community: Today during the chat, yesterday out of the blue, all day, every day. This is when I receive an outpouring of support and love from the communities I engage with through my job. I am so grateful for it. I know I found my place for now; this is where I belong. The people I interact with are all naturally supportive, kind, and excited about life. These are my kind of people. I thank God for putting me here. Through these people on twitter, over email, over video chats, and on Facebook, I continue to be reminded to keep lifting up those around me, because that’s what they do for me. Thank you, all of you.

Thanks for reading!


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