Thoughts of the Day – June 18th: Finally Comfortable Wearing Many Hats

fordham university commencement de matteo
The hat that started it all

No, not that kind of hat. Metaphors, people, get with it. Just kidding, if you’re reading this, I love you. Sorry I was sassy.

Today is Wednesday, which means I am at my cafe job at the library in my town. But today, in the beginning of my shift, my boss was desperate for someone to deliver an order from the main cafe (Wobble Cafe!). I told them I would, with little hesitation. I’ve never played the delivery person role before. Even a year ago, that would have been scary for me. What about the money? I’m going to get lost getting there! I can’t handle this, I am not trained!!! Embarrassing, I know. Try and remember that I was sheltered as a child and it caused me to be naturally hesitant and have a gut reaction to always say no.  As I was driving home in my trusty Jeep* from a successful delivery, I thought about two things:

  1. My confidence in doing new things is so much higher since I started working at Swift Kick. I know I can handle anything, and if it doesn’t work, eh, I fed my butterflies, so good enough.
  2. It’s pretty awesome that my boss thought of me to handle this task, knowing I have never done this for them before. I am, as she said, a life saver. Niiiiice. +10 Sabina


In other news, I am pretty bored right now, wishing my friends were chillin with me here while I do mostly nothing but eat cookies and chips. Whoops, sorry body. Does my yogurt for breakfast count as a good decision? I will find something to do, don’t worry.

Shout out to my friend who I just found reads this blog! You know who you are. :)

*My Jeep is not that trusty, I lied. It’s on it’s way out, as y’all know. :(


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