Thoughts of the Day – MetroNorth Post #2, Adulting

Adulting is a term I coined to mean the act of doing adult things.  Paying student loans, going to accountant,  etc. The fact that I coined it means I clearly don’t just feel like an adult. I know no one does.

I realized today that the only time I “feel” like an adult is when I am muting myself in a way. Not in a bad way. Just when I don’t feel exactly like myself.  When I feel like I’m tricking the people around me into thinking I’m more together than I am, that’s when I feel adult.
Interesting,  huh?

Today I met up with a friend I haven’t seen in years.  We were close as small children and it was so interesting meeting her as an adult. Her voice, her face. Her but also not her. I didn’t know her but I also did. It was exciting to reconnect. 

Ok my phone is barely charging.  Signing off. Xox


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