Thoughts of the Day – June 21st: My Sister’s Graduation

Today was a whirlwind! My sister graduated high school today.

Her speech blew me away. Completely. I was on the sidelines with my best friend recording and I hear my little sister, eloquently speaking as a well grounded adult to her graduating class, as their president. She talked about how she remembers me graduating, stuffing crumpled extra papers in my yearbook for my best friend to have more room. Melaney (the bestie) and I were almost in tears being shouted out like that. But before she began her speech, she said “but first, lemme take a selfie” and took out her phone to selfie with everyone in the gym. Amazing!!! I am so proud of her.

My sister is 3rd from the left. Class president and third in her class. Yeah.

She’s by far better than me at most things. Everything she does is above and beyond. But she shouted me out as the one who came first, what she remembers as a child. She has an uncanny way of making you feel great about yourself even though she’s leagues above the rest of the world. You go, little sis, you’re the best.

Also, huge thanks and shout out to Melaney for sitting through the whole ceremony for my sister, then she stood through all the pictures. She is truly the other sister of the family and it makes me so happy. She even put up with being a photographer for us. And then she came over after and hung out with the whole family. And I am a jerk because I am ditching her atĀ volunteering this week at her church festival to go to an alumni event and baby sit. I AM SORRY MEL, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

The point is, the people in my life are amazing. I am lucky as hell.


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