Thoughts of the Day – June 24th: Casual Networking, Casual End of Quarter Crunch

I am so darn tired! So tired, I am not going to watch House of Cards, but instead sleep as soon as this post is written.

I just got back from an all-Jesuit alumni networking event. Which ended up being students talking to students they already knew at their own school. Hopefully we pick a venue next time that has more room for mingling, not staying squished against your friend. It was a nice time, though, and I am happy to have seen my friend who’s back for a month from med school in Poland. (I am glad I spontaneously told him to come to the event, I hadn’t planned on it at all, I just sort of made it happen. Ah, Swift Kick is in my blood.)

I know I had some concrete thoughts today, but I didn’t make note of them so therefore I can’t remember. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind these past few days. I am having trouble keeping up with all the things I need to do. It’s the end of the quarter so I feel a little overwhelmed in getting those “should do this quarter things” done. We are great at mapping things out evenly, but I just haven’t been on my game this week too much. Not enough hours in a day, or focus in an hour.

I got to a spot last month where I felt great about the goals I was trying to meet and I had a feeling of constant upward movement. I think since the end of the quarter also brought the transition of new teams and changing of interns, the things that I counted on for stability fell apart for a bit. We will be back on our grind soon! Excited for a fresh start.

I am really impressed with the people who run the coworking space I work at. They had tea time today in the middle of the day with baked goods and tea and inevitable networking. It was lovely. I see a lot of initiatives for even more awesome coworking happening. It’s a great thing.

Other things on my mind? Wanting too much control over certain things, wondering if this is a turning point in my personal life, wishing my commute didn’t restrict me so much, wondering if last month’s project will be successful in its next steps, and I really want to cut my hair again. And dye it pink, but that’s been something on my mind for years.

Ok, peace and moonlight! (I was going to say sunshine but it’s almost 1am.)


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