Thoughts of the Day – June 25th : I Need 23 Alarms

Whoah, writing this during sunlight hours. This is what happens when I am at my cafe job.

I am pretty mad at myself (not really, just shaking my head) because I was going to get up at 8:30 to do the following:

sigh animated GIF
So much -sigh- at myself
  • Vacuum
  • print something
  • do SAC work stuff
  • buy a new phone charger
  • go shopping at Old Navy
  • Get to work by 12:30

What I actually did, when I woke up at 12..

  • cursed
  • had coffee
  • got to work by 12:30

But I don’t look back, so onward!

There’s a young guy sitting on the couch right across from my counter at the cafe. We haven’t said anything to each other, we are both just sitting here quietly, with my music playing, minding our own business. It just struck me how odd that is, 2 humans so close to each other, sharing the same sounds and environment, not intertwining their lives at all. The only way he would probably talk to me is if he buys something. Weird right, how that works? Not necessarily bad, just interesting. We are so close to so many strangers every day, yet talking to them usually feels out of the question.

I am listening to the new Ed Sheeran album right now and there’s a song on it that reminded me of writing these thoughts of the day posts. Check it:

Going to stifle my thoughts for the rest of the day so I can publish this now! ;)
Just kidding.

Thanks for reading, y’all, I really appreciate it.


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