Thoughts of the Day – June 26th: Coworking Saves the Day, Productivity, & the Life of a Hustla

Ayo, another post written an hour after it was “due” but shhh this is my blog and I won’t tell me.

You can see the post midnight delirium setting in.

Coworking saves the day: Anyway! Today I discovered that I had left my laptop charger at my other job. I assured my boss, don’t worry, I will make this work. I can’t work without a charged laptop after all. I searched the bins filled with miscellaneous wires and found one that fit. Hallelujah! I thanked God and coworking and got on with my day.

But then, to my dismay, I realized that this charger wasn’t quite right for my laptop, and it made my mouse spazz out. Basically, I couldn’t use the mouse as long as it was charging…awkward. So I desperately emailed the google group of all members of the coworking space, begging to share someone’s Asus charger, if there was one out there.

A man I’ve seen around the space came up to me and offered me his. We swapped it back and forth all day. If it wasn’t for this community of freelancers, startups, and the new workforce, my day would have been a bust. God bless coworking!

To further the genius of coworking, I was having trouble solving a problem I was having reaching out to people online. My friend Nat was talking to me and I decided to ask him his opinion on the right way to go about it. And bam! He had a good idea, and it worked perfectly. It was a simple solution but I probably wouldn’t have thought of it without him. Perfect!

(For those that are confused, coworking is a shared space where freelancers, startups, etc all work together instead of working from home. The community that gets built there is unlike any other.)

Productivity: Today that pressure of the end of the quarter, on top of the stress of the missing charger, kicked me into high gear. I knocked things off my list that I had been putting off. They were all easier than I thought. It was an amazing feeling. I know it’s not much of a thought, but I really get a high from productivity stints, especially while the rest of the office is watching the World Cup. (Their cheering from up front was adorable.)

The Life of a Hustla: I say this slightly tongue in cheek because I am quite far from a “hustla” although I might call myself a diva (no I wouldn’t) and you know what Bey says about that..

beyonce animated GIF
Na na na diva is a female version of a hustlaaaa! #throwback

Anyway, today I worked out that on the 3rd of July I will be working from home for Swift Kick and then in the afternoon selling hot dogs with my boss from the Wobble Cafe at the fireworks in town. A year ago I would have not believed I’d have two jobs that give me different gigs that I would be jealous. I really feel in touch with the American Dream: I am getting money wherever I can get it, and gaining many different experiences. I don’t mind playing office professional at the beginning of the day and then putting on my service industry hat at the end of the day. Whatever it takes, and it’s all fun anyway. Both of my bosses are great managers, and I know I am lucky for that.

Bonus thought: My brother finally read over that content I told you guys about from last month and he was impressed! He gave me books for more inspiration, told me to keep doing it, and that he wants to read it again one more time. I got all this information in a letter he left on top of the books on my bed. I am lucky to have such a supportive older brother.

I apologize for any grammar or spelling errors. I am tired and have to do some other things before bed. Good night!


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