Thoughts of the Day – June 27th: Windows

Surprise, everyone, I am tired!

I don’t have much to say for today, although it was pretty busy. One thought that did strike me was when I walked into the office this morning. I looked out the back window as I got to my desk, which is something I don’t often do. The view is mostly the next building, to be honest. But for a second I got a glimpse of this new concept of this particular window. This was a whole piece of the world I haven’t really interacted with. I know that sounds totally far out, dude.

It just brought me back to sitting in class or at the library at Fordham, when I stared out the windows and really knew what I was looking at. I got acquainted with the view. I haven’t done that with where I work as much. The thing is, my work is my place now. It’s where my life is being built, so I should know what’s outside the window closest to my desk.

I also really miss my solo walks during lunch. I think I need to build some me time back into my life. I am too busy and I don’t get to just hang out with myself anymore. Maybe that will help me bring some clarity to some things. For those of you who are mad at me for not seeing them, be comforted in knowing I barely see myself.

Peep that eboard photo in the back. Can’t forget my roots


Also, huge shout out to my brother for leaving me a stack of books of poetry he bought for me because he read my poetry, complete with a note explaining why he chose each one. That meant the world to me.


Speaking of books, I set up a Goodreads account on Wednesday. Once I update it more, I will connect it to this site.


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