Thoughts of the Day – June 29th: It’s 2AM

OH hello friends. I am consistent, if nothing else, because I just got home like half an hour ago and here I am blogging.

I notice that the days that are super busy (like today was), I just have less thoughts of the day kind of thoughts, because I am too preoccupied to think things besides what I am doing. So today I thought “crap what do I wear” and “It’s awesome meeting Mel’s friends” and “What are the odds of meeting my old friend at a random bar in the city??” and “I love my friends” and “I love the city” and “today was a weird talking to strangers kinda day” and also a little “crap, I am confused about my feelings towards things” and lastly, “which of these photos do I profile picture on facebook from my sister’s graduation?”

A lot happened today. It was a lovely day but also one where I was reminded that I need a break. I need some one on one time with my best friend and also some very alone time. I am a little overwhelmed by things I have to do, and also things I have to work out in my head, and I feel behind. Tomorrow I hope to be productive.

There you go, those are my thoughts of the day. Goodnight, friends.


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