Thoughts of the Day –  June 30th: Last Official Thoughts of the Day Post  

Can you believe I have blogged every day for a month straight, and that tomorrow is July? With July comes a brand new quarter and brand new opportunities. I am excited to get to know the new interns. I am also really excited that I knocked off an item on my to do list that was stressing me out for two weeks. Once again, the task was easier than I expected it to be. Why do I always forget that?

And now, my final thoughts of the day…for now.

Morning ritual: This morning, as usual, I walked by the elevator on my way up the stairs to my office, and peeked into the elevator to say hello to Tito, the awesome guy who runs the elevator. He called after me “Hello, Sabina, good morning!” I smiled to myself  because I love that we know each other’s names and that he has become a fixture in my life. He’s such a nice person, always friendly. It makes me feel secure in my life.

deepak chopra quote
Found on pinterest, not mine

All great changes are preceded by chaos.” – Deepak Chopra I noticed this quote again today, going through some old images for my company’s social media. It struck me even harder than the first time I saw it because it is relevant to me in all aspects of my life. First of all, the new quarter wreaked havoc on my last few work days because I knew I had a lot to get done before tomorrow hit. Secondly, I have mentioned this turning point I feel I am at in my life, psychologically. It certainly wrought chaos yesterday when I started in tears and then ended the day very happy and hopeful. Life is a roller coaster, not to be cliché or anything.

Missed meeting: I wasn’t able to get on the first 4 train back to Grand Central because it was too packed on my way home. As it pulled away, I noticed a girl, facing away from me, wearing a Spring Weekend 2012 tshirt that I also have from Fordham. I tried so hard to see her face, to see if I maybe knew her. I never got to look. It’s a weird feeling, having a connection with one of the many people in the masses of underground NYC, knowing I might just know that person. I easily could have sat next to her at the library one day, or passed her every morning on the way to a class. Who knows?

Busy evening planned: I am currently drafting this post on the train during my commute home. I have a lot planned for the 4 hours between getting home and knocking out tonight. I want to eat dinner, go for a good walk (vacation in a few weeks, I’d like to put a little effort into my body), and get more work done so that tomorrow I am not stressed out by what I am missing while participating in our retreat. Hopefully, I will collapse into bed at 11pm. Last night I got around 3.5 hours of sleep, so I need to rest before tomorrow. Oh! Almost forgot, it would be great to do my nails too…

Alright, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading this month, everyone. I got a lot of beautiful feedback that encouraged me to continue blogging regularly throughout my current phase of life. For now, stay tuned for my July plans!


Note halfway through evening:

I just got back from my walk and shower. I got that free time I was looking for yesterday. I didn’t check my phone, and I did probably about 2 miles. It doesn’t sound like a lot but I don’t do this often. I think I might try doing this after work more often. It felt good to unwind like that. Alright!  Now to get some work done and hopefully start winding down by 10pm. Break!


Note at 10pm:

I just got my computer to stop giving me literally every trouble on the planet. An hour wasted, except for getting my nails done and writing a card. I also wrote a flowchart on whether or not to eat if you’re hungry but not actually hungry, because my friend needed help deciding. I do weird things when I am out of options.


I am now questioning whether or not to work at all. I think I will just take an earlier train tomorrow. Maybe a few emails is all.

Goodbye, for real this time.


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