Wrapping Up My Most Successful Month, Starting Another

Oh my it’s July! This month marks my 1 year anniversary working with Swift Kick. What a year it has been! It’s hard to imagine how much I have changed, but I know I have.

June was my most successful month for my monthly projects because it was the most consistent. I actually did EXACTLY what I set out to do: write a post every day with my thoughts of the day. I had a lot of people approach me expressing support and excitement about my writing, and I am truly grateful to all of you. I hope you stick around this half of the year. :)

Blogging daily got me to notice all my thoughts more and appreciate them. It also reminded me how hard it was for me to keep a diary growing up: HAVING to write every day sometimes seemed like a lot when it was already late at night.

My beautiful sister at her high school graduation with me, holding OUR school banner. (My picture idea, how cute am I?)

This month, my sister and I decided to spend more time together and bond more. This is the only month she is totally out of school before she starts Fordham at the end of August. I told her we needed to plan things in officially that we want to accomplish, because it needs to be a project with actionable metrics. I know, I sound like my boss.

We haven’t made concrete plans yet, but here are a few of our ideas:

  • Walking together after I get home from work for an hour
  • Exploring our town
  • Watching Sherlock (she hasn’t seen it yet)
  • I will watch Forrest Gump with her if she watches my favorite movie, Remember the Titans, with me

We actually have spent some awesome time together already. Today, in fact, after lunch, we went for a 2 mile walk around the reservoir track. Then, we went down this pretty street she had found with dad, and we ended up finding a nature preserve in town we didn’t know about. We explored for a bit and then went home.

We also started watching Scrubs together on Netflix at night (waaay past our bedtimes, whoops). During all these activities, we have had a lot of ridiculous silly moments, as well as real heart to hearts. Pathetic as it sounds, when it comes to matters of dating and whatnot, I look to my little sister for advice. She’s better with this stuff, as I tend to spend most of my time not in the dating world. That’s a story for a psychiatrist, not you, though. ;)

In terms of my year-long goals, I should probably take a look at how I am doing there, half way through this year. Here’s a quick self-evaluation

Productivity: Plan out each day ahead of time for work — check! Work on making clearer, more structured plans to maximize efficiency. Do hardest tasks first —sorta? I got good at powering through tasks when the pressure was on, and realizing they are never as hard as you think. Now, work on remembering that to keep pushing into my uncomfort zone. Monthly projects — check!! Keep going, and go back to April’s to finish the next steps!

Positivity: Eliminate negative speech, pause before speaking — uncheck. I need to really watch my mouth, I talk to much without thinking. Not in a terrible way, but needs improvement. Actually being positive, I am good on though, as I am currently starting to gain hope in the one place I didn’t have any.

Living Fully: Feed your butterflies– check! I’d say I can keep going as I am, always working towards more butterflies. I say yes a lot and believe I can handle anything I face. I might be taking a big plunge soon that will require all sorts of butterflies. Spend less time on phone–checkish. While I don’t track if I do non phone activities daily, and while I still take it out with friends, I have definitely improved. Putting it on airplane mode helps me at work, as well as charging in another room. Try to do this more purposefully!

I have also been living fully in other ways

  • Working on making healthier small choices since I have a vacation coming up. Drinking milk, walking, etc.
  • After my company retreat, I went solo shopping spontaneously, because I never explore the city or just spend time doing something alone anymore.
  • The other day, I saw a card in the post office about missing someone. I bought it out of the blue and wrote a long note and sent it to my best friend from college who I miss a lot. It felt nice doing something nice to surprise him. Live for others, go the extra mile for someone! That’s my recent mindset.


In other news, this month brought a slew of computer troubles, on top of a company retreat and new quarter. I have been more stressed than I have been in a year. It was an emotional week, but I am back to being positive. I don’t stay down for long.

Talk to me! Tell me things! Questions, comments, reveries, exclamations, laments, songs, requests for hugs..


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