Oh yeah…August…?

Hi friends!

So let’s address the elephant in the room: my radio silence all month.
I’ve had so many blog post ideas but I also started full time at my job this month, which meant my usually Wednesday blogging at the café was no more.

I also had committed to drawing every day this month. Now this worked really well when it was blogging every day in June, but not so well with drawing. I guess for me, drawing takes a lot more mental energy than writing does. Writing is something I can do in my sleep. Drawing isn’t, and I’m usually asleep on the train when I could draw.

“Fairy tales are more than true, not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” G.K. Chesterton Mel’s housewarming gift

It wasn’t a total failure! I did get some drawings in, for better or worse. It even made me a friend on the train home one day when a woman struck up a conversation about art because she saw my pencil and pad out. :) I also created a little piece of art as a housewarming gift for my best friend. I printed out a quote and then sharpied up the whole thing with fun designs. She loved it :)

Moral of the story, when you work full time and have a boyfriend, you don’t feel like drawing every day. Womp.



Now what am I going to do this September? Good question. Since I have gotten into a relationship, it’s been interesting realizing that my priorities aren’t totally focusing on myself and my own projects anymore. I think to be successful, I need to find ways to incorporate Kieran into my monthly projects so I don’t have to cut him out for days to hit goals. I am so lucky to have a guy who supports my crazy need for running around inspired by everything. And I know he can help me actually accomplish instead of just running around willy nilly. I feel a brainstorming session coming on…

I will let you guys know when I figure out September. And also I owe you blog posts about random things too. SO MANY IDEAS, BLOG POSTS, POEMS ETC ETC, SO LITTLE TIME.



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