Weekly Digest Sept 8- 14: Reading Update

My apologies for derping on this post yesterday, I had a fever all day and literally did not care about blogging. Without further ado, here’s this past week’s progress. And yes Nicole, I have been thinking about that old secret project from June. I know I need to do it. And I owe you all blog posts. I have a million ideas for them stored in my Google Keep that I ignore…

For more information on my project this month, check out this post.

Should be fun to see how eclectic my reading taste is, especially in the types of articles I save in my Pocket. Enjoy, and read along with me :)

Pocket articles

There, that’s 7 articles, though I did read 2 in one day when I had to catch up…close enough, I was sick this weekend.


Finished!!! LOVED IT, MUST READ. Business book requirement, met!
Started! And close to finishing. Short book of Frost poems, for my Poetry requirement

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