Weekly Digest Sept 8- 21: Reading Update

My apologies for derping on this post AGAIN yesterday, I have no excuse this time, other than I spent time with Kieran and his family. But I did read half my current book on Sunday too, in my defense.

I admittedly should have gotten even more reading done this week as I spent the entire week home sick, working a little from home, and bouncing between doctors. I am happily on the mend, though still not without some leftover issues. Shout out to my sister and my boyfriend for letting me whine for a week and for making me feel loved the whole time. I am, as they say, hashtag blessed, despite the amount of times I cried this week.

For more information on my project this month, check out this post.

Should be fun to see how eclectic my reading taste is, especially in the types of articles I save in my Pocket. Enjoy, and read along with me :)

Pocket articles

There, that’s 7 articles, and I cleaned out a few more too. It is important to note that I have applied the “If I don’t care, I skim it or stop reading it” technique for some of these. There’s a lot of crap in my Pocket I just need to sift through.


As you can see, I finished Frost, and jumped over to Lewis. Does this count as a classic? I suppose. I have always wanted to delve into C.S. Lewis. Admittedly, I was really looking to read the Screwtape Letters, but I found this one on my dad’s shelf and decided to go for it. I am really loving it. It is the perfect marriage (pun intended) between religious thought and just a good fictional read. Can’t wait to finish it!

Total book count: [finished Witches Abroad], All Marketers Are Liars, The Road Not Taken, started The Great Divorce.  2.5 – halfway to goal….will I make it?

Finished! I have decided I like The Road Not Taken best of all the poems.
Started, over halfway through!

Also shout out to Nicole, who is in New York, and who I got to meet this morning at the office! Girl, sorry I seemed disheveled, I was not quite recovered from my week home sick yet. See you at dinner on Wednesday. :)


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