Weekly Digest Sept 22- 28: Reading Update

Woohoo! Actually writing this on a Sunday, and before midnight! Whaaaat!

I don’t foresee myself making my 5 books goal, but I have completed 3 full books! Also, been keeping up with my Pocket, much reading about marketing (my true love) occurred. I would also like to note that I got shiz done this week, my to do lists were pretty demolished.

For more information on my project this month, check out this post.

Should be fun to see how eclectic my reading taste is, especially in the types of articles I save in my Pocket. Enjoy, and read along with me :)

Pocket articles

I especially loved the ones about branding. Since I read All Marketers Are Liars, I have been really into the “story” of a brand, and these show good examples. I get a little too excited about marketing. Those last two on the list really had me in a tizzy.


“The Great Divorce” = Finished! I picked up “The Sun Also Rises” to start, but I doubt it will be finished by Wednesday, which marks the end of September…which reminds me, what am I doing in October…hmmm

Total book count: [finished Witches Abroad], All Marketers Are Liars, The Road Not Taken, The Great Divorce.  3 – two away from goal, but not too shabby. The truth is, I usually take months to read ONE book these days. Now, I am back to my childhood habit of being a bookworm.

Finished, loved it. Must read!
Picked up from my mom’s shelf, will start reading. #Classic

Now that this post is done, I am going to update my Goodreads account, which was also on this month’s list. Expect to see the Goodreads widget added to this blog soon. I would also like to add that I wrote this post sitting in Kieran’s basement while he works on homework, with the football game on in the background. Pretty content right now. Cheers!

Let me know what you think of anything you decided to read along with me :)


2 thoughts on “Weekly Digest Sept 22- 28: Reading Update

  1. Keep it up! Look forward to watching you progress into a badass Marketer. I’ll let you know when I come across any good Marketing books.

    And keep those goals going, even though you were off this month you probably still made a bunch of progress from prior months.


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