Reading, Writing, No ‘Rithamatic -New October & September Wrap Up

Hi all! Happy October! I have to say, I am a little sad. September is my favorite month and it really slipped by me, especially with that entire week that I was sick. But I did experience a lot of blessings this month (despite the numerous doctor’s visits, getting one stitch, and giving more blood for testing than I like to share):

  • Wonderful weekends with Kieran, and feeling what it is like to know someone cares for you more than you can imagine
  • A truly inspiring and exciting Young Alumni Committee meeting
  • Fordham homecoming – with my sister as a Fordham student
  • I love weddings – they are a chance to dress up, dance, make new friends, and believe in functional relationships

    Attending a wedding that Kieran was in the bridal party for

  • Coming back from being sick and having a string of kick-butt productive days
  • Great little successes and bonding with Natalia at work
  • Catching up with my best friend despite an -almost totally- unfortunate evening
  • A great quarterly review today with my boss
  • Realizing today that an idea I have is absolutely in the realm of possibility, and I am scheming already.
  • Of course, lots of reading

To finish out my Pocket articles that I read since my last post:

I am going to try to continue reading 1 or 2 Pocket articles a day, as I realize it is basically nothing to do to keep my queue somewhat tame. I am also continuing to read books, as long as I am not knocked out cold on the train during my commute. There’s something about having your nose in a book on a crowded subway in NYC that I love. Overall, I am happy with my September reading project. 3 of 5 books read, many Pocket articles archived, and my Goodreads account updated and added to the side of this blog (go look!).

[I should probably review my more general goals of being for the year, but I am tired, so forget it.]

If you buy me a fancy notebook in this shade of orange – you know me incredibly well.

Now, for October, I decided to focus on writing again, that is what I feel a pull towards, and what I seem to be most successful at. This time, instead of daily thoughts of the day posts,  I will be able to choose from a list of writing options:

  • Write a post on here, I have so many ideas, besides these monthly updates. I owe it to you and me.
  • Work on my poetry – I have been writing less as I tend to write poetry when I am feeling sad or depressed, which I haven’t been lately. But it’s my favorite hobby, so darn it I will edit old poems in my phone and write new ones.
  • Writing the millions of posts I have ideas for in my Trello for the Student Leader Collective.
  • Working on the 642 Things to Write About book with Kieran
  • Carrying the Moleskine journal Kieran bought me for my birthday, and marking down something in it, pen to paper – planning, journaling, drawing, sketching, idea mapping
    • I considered making this the every day task, not focusing on the others, but the others need to get done. Maybe I do this anyway, too?

So each day, I can decide to do one of these. Hopefully the flexibility of options will lead to daily success. Kieran already promised me he would force me to get my writing done while with him. He’s wonderful and supports my goals that are outside of us.

I also considered making this month a project involving Kieran directly, since I am with him as much as possible. I thought about doing one new thing with him every day, or talking or learning about one new thing with him every day. He was totally willing to join me for that, but I felt the pull towards the writing more strongly. We might try to do those other goals together anyway, as we want to continue to make this relationship more amazing and meaningful.

I talk about my boyfriend a lot, huh? I’m [sorry not] sorry about that!

I will write again soon! I am excited. This post counts as today’s writing, for the record.


Written too late on October 1st to post it, so scheduled to publish on October 2nd. Language in post reflects the date it was written.


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