Do I HAVE to?

Hi friends!

Kieran is forcing me to sit down and write because I am feeling lazy on this Saturday. I have been keeping up with my daily writing task since I last posted on here. Thursday I wrote in my orange journal to brainstorm what Kieran and I could do today. Yesterday I wrote a blog post about Captain Pizza and leadership for SLC….you’ll just have to wait to read that on that blog.

I didn’t feel like writing right now, so I decided to write about how I don’t feel like writing. I do feel tired and like I want to just hang out with Kieran. There are days that I get crazy inspired and just want to write and do and read and go dance in public. And then there’s days when I am like “nope.”

[Side note, I REALLY don’t like that robot man Axe commercial…that was creepy.]

I got to see my best friend yesterday! We had a very Jack Daniel’s meal at TGI Fridays and caught each other up on our lives. Seeing her is always refreshing. It’s nice to have people like her and Sarah to not be afraid to say anything to. I can tell them anything.  It was sad having to part ways at the subway for her to go back to Brooklyn…and me to go back to Westchester.

I am really not that interesting today, I am sorry. They say that to write, sometimes you just have to force yourself to put something on paper, no matter how crappy. Hello, crap.

I did read a good article from my Pocket, yesterday. It’s called “How Busy People Make Time to Read- and You Can Too.” I am so happy I am getting back to my bookworm tendencies. It has some great advice about the “supply” and “demand” side of reading. It suggested that you take out as many books as possible from the library, and you don’t have to read them all. Just having that many good options on hand is good to help you want to read at any given moment. I also really appreciated the tip that you shouldn’t read books that you think you “should” read, even if you don’t want to. Life is too short to read books you don’t like.

There, I wrote for the day. And it helped me remember that article I just talked about, so the information sticks with me better. :)

Here’s an idea, if you have something you would like to hear my opinion on, or just want me to write about, comment and I will consider it as a topic when I am uninspired!


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