Thoughts of the day – Morning Edition

Let there be (sun)light!

Good morning, my dear readers and social media friends who accidentally clicked this link!

I felt inspired to jot some thoughts down now, instead of my usual morning perusal of Facebook and coffee sipping. The coffee sipping is still happening, of course, don’t get crazy. I saw it was 9:30, and my meeting isn’t till 10:10, and I just felt a sense of newness to the day. Maybe it’s my change of scenery; I decided to station myself up front at my office, by the windows. The sunlight and comfy couch do me good.

On Sunday, I practically (or actually, we aren’t sure) broke my pinky toe while vacuuming the house. So I have been limping around New York City for days; it’s both pathetic and funny. The hardest part has been being limited in shoe options. My signature loud heels are out of the question.

Either way, I feel relatively content right now. Maybe it’s the sun, maybe it’s knowing I have time later to see my boyfriend, maybe it’s the afterglow of the Young Alumni Committee meeting I went to last night. (Sun, Kieran, and Fordham – my true baes.)

I have been writing every day since I last wrote on here!

Sunday- I wrote a poem on a topic I have been trying to put into words for a while.

Monday – I wrote a post for #SLstandsup (our bullying series on the Student Leader Collective), inspired by my toe issues, about bullying and disability. It will go up soonish, stay tuned!

Tuesday – I wrote another post for SLC about leadership within your friend group. Also being published soon!

So that’s what I have been up to! It feels good knocking a task off my list today already. Once again, just like in June, daily writing is the most successful project I do in a month. I always hit my daily goal. Holy crap, June was a while ago.

As my friend Nathalia would say, have a shiny day. :)


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