Feels Like Home – Thoughts of the Day

Hello friends! Looks like I am choosing to write here for my daily writing once again!

Which brings me to my thought of the day #1:

I am realizing that this blog feels like a happy place for me. I think about signing on as an exciting opportunity to settle in and feel good and motivated. I feel like by creating 14tothefullest, I created a home for myself. It’s my world, my projects becoming real, my LIFE post college. Even though I didn’t feel like writing about anything in particular, I felt a pull to write here, not for my job, or for my other blog, which I have lots of pending topics for. I knew that anything I wrote here would be received well by my beautiful network. This blog gets likes every time I write, which is awesome. Thank you, followers! I am blessed with an amazingly supportive network. Shoutout to SAC and SLC. :)

tl;dr: 14tothefullest feels like a physical place that I want to come home to often.

Thought of the day #2:

I just remembered I have a lot of blog post ideas pre-made. I just told Kieran I didn’t, but he’s right, I do. Whoops. I will do those soon…

Thought of the day #3:

Kieran keeps asking me what Rangers player I like so he can get me a shirt. I know two names: Zuccarello and Lundqvist. I decided I should research the team, learn their stories, and pick a favorite. Or just Lundqvist because his face. And yes, the game is on right now and I am watching.

Thought of the day #4:

The world is going crazy. Terrorism, ebola, entera virus, so much bad news. It’s hard not to feel hopeless and scared. But I saw a quote that helps with all of this.


Don’t become cold yourself; the fires you build will make you and everyone else warm again. 

Thought of the day #5:

I just really wanna wear a really sparkly dress and go somewhere fancy and fun. I have weird urges hit me in the middle of the day.

There, thoughts of the day, by which I mean thoughts of this evening.





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