Thoughts of the Day + a Bonus Poem – 10/14/2014

Note: This post was written for October 14th but posted on October 15th. 
So first of all, I forgot to write yesterday. Bummer, that breaks the perfect streak. But I never look back, darling, as Edna would say, it distracts from the now. So today, I write two things. The first part of this post is a list of thoughts of the day. Warning, this is a long post. If you read it, you’re a winner.
How adorable is my Nathalia??

Thought #1 -Sleepovers

Last night, we celebrated Nathalia’s birthday out on the town. I spent the night at her place in Brooklyn for the first time, as going home so late on a weeknight seemed silly. I really felt like we reached a new level of friendship. While Nat has never been just an intern to me, there’s something about sleeping over your friends apartment that says, “I no longer feel the need to wear a bra around you.” Was that too much? You know exactly what I mean, girls, there’s that level of comfort you achieve with a girl-friend that can’t be beat. 
This morning we both got ready in record time, and were able to just sit around her living room and drink coffee and talk. A leisurely morning, my goodness that’s a rare blessing. I need to work on making more of those happen for myself. The whole way to work was lovely. 
Thought #2 – Surprise art underground
We all know NYC’s subways have all kinds of artsy character, but I was surprised by this one. Between BK and Canal St. on the Q train, there is a painting behind big support beams so that inbetween the gaps, you see painting flying by. And when I say flying, I mean it, because the art is done in such a way interacting with the beams, that you see rocket ships taking off and patterns dancing. It’s like a flipbook, underground. I said “whoah” out loud, hopefully not scaring the other passengers.
Thought #3 – Napping is the real deal
Today at the office I got hit with some mean cramps that made me miserable, so much so that I wasn’t working, I was staring out into the distance. I was also freezing cold. Finally, I went over to my friend Sarah, who let me sit with her and whine for a bit, until she convinced me that I should go take a nap. In fact, she ordered me to take a nap, as I was clearly useless just sitting there.
I conceded and curled up on a comfy chair up front and allowed myself to doze off for 20 minutes. When I woke, the cramps were gone and I felt actually better and motivated to get things done. It reminded me of the importance of 3 things:
  1. You surround yourself with good friends because they force you to take care of yourself, even when you can’t imagine their advice will help.
  2. Change 1, change all 3, as my boss says in his Dance Floor Theory programs. Thoughts, physiology, emotions. If you change something about your mental, emotional, or physical health, it affects the rest. I was mentally, emotionally, and physically a wreck. I took a nap, to help the physical aspect, and the rest followed suit. I woke up refreshed and ready to knock some tasks out. 
  3. My company is a blessing. My boss always says that we are a “pro nap” company because he understands what I just outlined above. If you are exhausted, you do nothing productive. If you nap, you wake up ready to get things done. Take the time to take care of yourself, and be responsible.
Thought #4 – A question on priorities
As I looked through my Hootsuite tabs, I realized that in the last few months, I had moved their order around. While my main company pages and a side project used to be the first tabs, I now have our two communities as the first tabs. It made me think about this question: Do you organize your life knowing your priorities, or do you know and realize your priorities based on your actions and organization?
I think it is both, but I like that I can look at how I set things up in my life and see where my real focus is.
Congratulations, you reached the end of my thoughts of the day. Now, to make up for yesterday’s lack of writing, I wrote a poem on the train today. This is the first poem I have written recently that isn’t so personal that I didn’t want to post it on here. I write a lot of poetry, if you weren’t aware. It helps me understand life.
My brother’s exhaustion
lines my eyes.
My mother’s features,
every line.
My father’s intensity
my pupils cry.
My sister’s love
where the light lies.
in windows
I watch
as the wind blows
my hair
Only God knows
Who I will
turn into. 
Thanks for reading, my friends! On Saturday I wrote a list in my journal of all the Rangers players I could remember, and on Sunday I wrote a much more personal poem. Cheers!

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