A Spooky October Closes – Now Watch Me Talk to Myself about November

Hi there friends, it’s been a while…ok not that long.

My project for October was to write something every day. I missed about 3 days, so that’s mostly successful! I thought I was going to catch up on all my “I keep meaning to write that” writing, but I haven’t at all. I mostly journaled. That’s interesting.  I’ve been fighting being sick, so these past few days especially, I just really didn’t care about writing anything at all, hence the missing days.

Which makes me think, given that I am not over this sickness (I don’t know what is wrong with me yet), another project that has to be “daily” as its metric for success is not a good idea. Especially given that my life is super invested in work and relationship and other things of my life, something I HAVE to do daily is difficult. Like I said, spooky, aka difficult, October.

On the other hand, my most successful projects are the daily ones, because it’s easy to keep on track. So what are other metrics I could use to measure easy success?

  • A certain number of this activity done by the end of the month
  • A clear product at the end, maybe broken into smaller pieces over the course of the month

So what about November, what can I do? Here are the ideas I had brainstormed previously. Note, they all have the daily metric, but I can reconfigure.



I feel like I should be doing something spiritual/religious since that is what I am currently dealing with right now. But at the same time, a lot of the other ones could help with that. Let’s cut down this list, why don’t we.

  • Thank you cards/Gratitude idea — I love this one, especially for the month of Thanksgiving. I have heard so much about writing 1 thank you card a day. Buying stamps and cards might be fun too! Or maybe I could get creative with the cards
  • Daily vlog….hahah in a perfect world where I would totally feel like videoing myself daily, nope.
  • Say good morning or converse with 3 strangers a day…well if I stay sick, some days I won’t leave the house…though this could mean online too..this might help me build up my knowledge about what student leaders want. Possibility! Maybe 1 not 3.
  • Religion — I am having trouble choosing this as my monthly project. I will be trying to work on this regardless. Anyway, it’s not a month long thing, it’s a life long thing.
  • Spend no money but catch up with people I haven’t seen in ages – Well that’s an interesting idea, but sounds impossible. It also seems like setting myself up for failure since I don’t know how long I’ll be feeling crappy. Don’t want to start the month off behind.
  • Sneak peek at some ideas for December, I forgot I wrote all that! Gosh, I have great ideas sometimes.

I am leaning towards the idea of sending cards to people. Maybe not even thank you cards, but just notes saying hello. Getting mail is just the best. Instead of making it a daily thing, I can settle on a number. 35 cards sent?

I won’t be able to send one to everyone, and I think I will be random in who gets one, not based on importance so much as who I am inspired to write for. So don’t feel bad if you don’t get one, I love you too.

Alright, I think this is it, folks, thanks for figuring that out with me! Spreading God’s love through 35 cards. Let’s put some happiness back in the mail! My next steps are as follows:

  • Procure stamps and other supplies (cards, for example, haha)
  • Come up with a fun twist on these cards to make this project more my own.
  • Compile a list of people, maybe including
    • friends who might be having a hard time with something
    • family in Italy
    • someone I haven’t spoken to in a while but miss
    • some people I interact with a lot, like the Hot and Crusty employees and other awesome people who make my day brighter
    • general cards for when a situation arises, like thanks for being awesome, hope your day gets better?
    • whoever jumps into my mind.

I don’t think I will be sharing too much information on how this project pans out, because I want this to be between me and the receiver, and I don’t want to ruin the goodness of the idea with tooting my own horn over here.

Happy November, y’all. Here’s to a month of getting my joy back. I am on my way, I’ve taken real steps to help myself. Tell me if I can help you in any way.


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