14tothefullest Indeed – A Reflection and Look Ahead

Please excuse the length of this post. I felt I couldn’t not do a post on my 2014, the first year I consistently (more or less) blogged. This probably will go down in history as one of the most….MOST years ever. 

In terms of my projects set forth here I

  • January – Adulted my Files
  • February – Hacked my Spaces
  • Learned a new thing every day of March
  • April – Learned a little Tagalog
  • May – Worked on a Photoshop project that ultimately went nowhere for now
  • June – Blogged every single day! – MOST SUCCESSFUL MONTH
  • July – Attempted to bond with my sister..got a boyfriend instead
  • August – Drew a little
  • September – Read books!!
  • October – Wrote something every day
  • November – Wrote 35 thank you cards
  • December – Planning 2015 project

Wow, that’s a lot of things! Not all projects were as successful as others, but I was never one to be hard on myself.

Also in 2014, life really really happened.

  • Updated the bucket list with my best friend, started the “memory tag” tradition, to be opened tonight!
  • Full time at my job at Swift Kick
  • My best friend moved to Brooklyn, and I stopped seeing her as much
  • Another best friend got a job in the same office as me
  • Shockingly got into my first REAL relationship with someone who’d been there all along
  • Got mono – spiraled into anxiety and depression when I went undiagnosed
  • Fell into a spiritual journey because of my low state
  • Learned to seek answers instead of hide from them in fear
  • Not only got into a relationship but got to watch his dream career come true
  • Improved greatly in my job. I got good at just…doing!

A lot of this happened in the second half of the year. In fact most of it did. I think I really did live life to the fullest, even in experiencing some of my lowest lows.  I am absolutely on the up and up since then, learning to give my anxiety less attention, so that it never stops me from being present and happy each moment ever again. Though I fought through some dark places, I also lived through great joys and new beginnings. 

2015 looks to be an amazing year. I really think that. I’ve got all the pieces lined up in my favor, and my trust is in God. I am excited to see where my path leads.


This year, I will not take on so much. The list I made of how to act was put aside because I focused mainly on my monthly projects. I also think a month is not long enough to focus on something. I got a little taste of a lot, so 2015 will be about digging in more to what I have learned all year. I have some project ideas (products I want to bring into existence) that will last many months. I hope to keep learning to be consistent in achieving little goals to reach a big goal.


I want 2015 to include some sort of service. It’s an important part of being Catholic, and I think it is time. I also suspect that 2015 will be a year that I drastically “grow up.” Kieran and I will be facing many challenges balancing career and relationship, which I am truly confident we can handle. I hope to move out of my parent’s house this year as well.


That being said January 2015 will focus on:
  • Researching how to make some of my project ideas a reality
  • Reflecting on whether these projects are right for me right now
  • Continuing to be on my spiritual and emotional journey
  • Reorganizing this blog for 2015! (I will do this mostly today actually)

I need to figure out a way to hold myself accountable for Productivity, Positivity, and Living Fully in each of these projects here on this blog. I also hope to continue to blog about anything on here, because I am happy on this little site. So yes, 14tothefullest will continue past 2014, but the name stays, as it speaks to my beginnings here!

TRUSTIn summation for 2015, I am choosing the words trust and others. Trust in God, instead of trying to take control of life, and worrying about everything. And also doing things for others, not just myself. I think I have gotten too me-centered, and as a Christian, that’s just not cool yo. I am Jesuit educated, after all, and told from the beginning to be a Woman for Others!.

Happy New Year, dear readers! Thank you for the support and love you each have given me. Tell me how I can support and love you back. God bless.




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