I’m Alive – A Quick Check in on 2015

Hello all! I have been very aware that I am bad at blogging regularly. This will be a quick post just to check in.

This year is shaping up to be a lot less task oriented than last year was. I have more internal things to focus on, and am not in the mental space to be completely GUNG HO about churning out projects. I am okay with this.

Here’s how I am organizing my months:



It’s waaaay simpler than my 2014 which was quite ambitious. There are 4 categories I keep track of, which are subject to change, outside of my normal to dos. These are my extras, the stuff besides my normal life.

  • People to see
  • Things to read
  • Clean up
  • Events to plan

As I get a task done, I cross it off in black. At the end of the month, I erase all completed tasks, and the undone ones roll over.

As for my words (TRUST in God and Living for OTHERS), I am still feeling my way into those. I created Pinterest boards for both to help with inspiration and wrote reminders on my laptop. (Right next to Kieran’s reminder to me to sit down more because standing desks put me in chronic pain.) (I stand lopsidedly.) I have considered journalling every day and writing how I accomplished them that day, but I have yet to make that a habit. For both of these things, I can only pray to God to help me accomplish them. 

Anyway, that’s my 2015.

Bonus thought: I have noticed I have an intense pull to listen to music from a long time ago. It reminds me of innocence and simpler times. Yes, that’s why I listened to the Jonas Brothers and Hillary Duff the other day and had a ball.

And that is my “I’m sorry I wasn’t blogging, here are my insignificant updates” post. Thanks for reading!


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